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    "I much appreciated meeting you at your House Meeting for neighbours of all political views to discuss their concerns; it is an excellent practice."
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    Peter explains the unique way he keeps in touch with constituents' concerns...

    “Before I entered Parliament I often complained that MPs only showed any interest in their constituents’ views for a few weeks before an election. Then they disappear into smoke-filled rooms for four years.”

    So when I was elected I made this pledge: if anyone will invite round all their neighbours of all political views I will come and discuss their concerns.

    I have kept that pledge and held hundreds of these House Meetings street by street and month by month. I find them an invaluable way of keeping in touch with people’s concerns about local, national and personal issues. These meetings have proved very popular and successful. People who would never go to a ‘political’ meeting come and find the discussion enjoyable. They are definitely not ‘party political’ events and I benefit from hearing the views and concerns of supporters of all parties and none.”

    If you would like to arrange a House Meeting, please get in touch with the Constituency Office. They are very simple to arrange.