Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, is to attend the meeting called by LADACAN on the 14th January at 8.00pm in Breachwood Green Village Hall to discuss ways of fighting government proposals for Luton Airport.

    Peter Lilley said: “I shall be liaising with LADACAN, Limit Luton Alliance, and local councillors to work out the best way to prevent excessive development at Luton Airport, including the possibility of a legal challenge. The government has concluded in favour of an option which will involve building over a kilometre of extra runway and on which it did not consult – for the very good reason that its own experts had concluded that this was not practicable. Moreover, the government has had to double its forecast of the number of passengers likely to use Luton if new runways are constructed at Stansted and Heathrow.

    “I am pleased to learn that LADACAN has arranged for Richard Buxton an expert on airport expansion planning law to brief the meeting on the most effective means of fighting this appalling decision by the government – which will not only clog up the skies over Hitchin and Harpenden, but the roads and rail links, too.”

    Note to editors:

    It appears that the government has now doubled the forecast demand for Luton to justify this new option.
    Page 124 of the revised consultation document forecast that if new runways were built at both Stansted and Heathrow (which now seems the most likely outcome) maximum demand at Luton would only be 16 million passengers a year by 2030. Hence the comment on page 91 para 10.6 of that document that “.. the forecast use of Luton is strongly influenced by the amount of capacity elsewhere in the South East. So in practice, the extent of development at Luton ….will be affected by decisions about those other airports.”

    Yet page 27 para 11.84 of the White paper says “forecasts suggest that there would be sufficient demand to justify expansion of Luton to the full potential of a single runway – say about 30 mppa and 240,000 ATMs – in the period up to 2030, even with two new runways at other South East airports.”