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    Mr Alan Amos

    Labour Parliamentary Candidate 23rd May2001

    The Labour Party

    107 Bancroft

    Hitchin SG5 1NB

    Dear Alan

    Before the last election, Tony Blair said he had ?no plans to increase tax at all?. After four years and 45 stealth taxes, the tax burden has risen by the equivalent of 10p on the basic rate of Income Tax. It is perfectly clear to everyone that Labour broke its promises on tax during the last Parliament.

    In your manifesto for this election you say that you will ?not raise the basic or top rate of income tax?. This commitment has already been exposed as a sham by Gordon Brown?s repeated refusal to rule out abolishing the Upper Earnings Limit on National Insurance contributions.

    National Insurance is a tax on people?s incomes, so Gordon Brown has effectively announced that a 50% rate of income tax is possible ? in complete contrast to the manifesto, which says there would be no increase in the higher rate. This is a 50% tax on middle Britain. It would hit thousands of doctors, senior nurses, deputy head teachers and senior police officers.

    At the last election, Labour promised that this stealth tax on middle-income earners was ?dead and buried?. Now it appears the Kinnock Plan is alive and kicking. Labour are the high tax party.

    As you presumably support this policy, can you say how many people in Hitchin and Harpenden would have to pay tax at 50% as a result?

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Lilley