Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Type: EDM
    Tabling Member: Lilley, Peter

    Date Tabled: 09.11.2005
    Date Last Updated:

    Motion Text: That this House condemns the unprecedented campaign to mobilise chief constables to lobby honourable Members in favour of Government policy; fears that this is a damaging step towards the politicisation of the police; understands that the Government‘s threat to merge police forces has put additional pressure on chief constables, all of whom may shortly be up for reselection, to acquiesce in demands for them to endorse Government policy; regrets that some chief constables gave the measure their backing even though they and their forces had no local experience of the problems allegedly making it necessary; calls on them in future to leave lobbying and advocacy to others; praises the police for their courage and dedication in tackling terrorism; accepts that police have a duty to offer Ministers in confidence advice and evidence based on that experience; but believes the essence of Ministerial responsibility is that Ministers alone are responsible for the advice and evidence that they accept and the policy conclusions they reach; and deplores the Government‘s attempts to escape that responsibility by invoking the authority of public servants thereby embroiling them in politics.

    Number: 994
    Amendment Number:
    Legislature: House of Commons (HoC)
    Status: Open
    Date of last status change:
    Session: 05-06