Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    “The government is blatantly fiddling the figures used to decide how much Grant councils get? said Peter Lilley. “The result will be to rob Hertfordshire schools of ?7million.

    “The existing system relates Grant to the needs of each area measured by a number of indicators. Normally those indicators are updated each year to reflect changing needs. But the Labour government has just announced plans to ?freeze? some of the figures, ie to use last year?s figures and ignore the latest data. They only plan to do this for part of the data (the New Earnings Survey data) which shows the rising costs in London and the home countries.

    “The result will be to deprive Hertfordshire of ?7m which would otherwise have been available for our schools to help them meet rising costs and pupil numbers.

    I have written to the Minister urging him to abandon this flagrant manipulation of the figures. The government?s motives are clearly political: they want to divert money from Conservative areas to reward their increasingly disillusioned Labour supporters.?