Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley said:

    Mr Amos is still very confused about the policy of his new Party.

    The Labour Minister of Transport said after the Hatfield tragedy “that credit must be given to the railway industry for the advances made in safety management in recent times?. Yet Amos says that it has deteriorated.

    Amos blames safety problems on the excessive number of rail regulators. Yet it was this Labour government which increased their number by creating a Strategic Rail Authority on top of the existing regulator and re-introducing direct intervention by the Department of Transport.

    He claims to want total state control, but to be against nationalisation.

    Finally, he wants more investment (which is right) but fails to recognise that it is only through privatisation that Railtrack has doubled investment.

    Rather than trying to make political capital out of a human tragedy, he should sort out some construction proposals.