Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    While North Herts District Council were deciding to scrap the Local District Structure Plan because of the Government?s new Planning Procedures, Peter Lilley raised the same issue with the Planning Minister in the House of Commons.

    The MP for Hitchin and Harpenden pointed out that, although the government had not realised it when they announced their new Planning Policy, they had launched a torpedo which may well sink the government?s flagship development ? 10,000 houses west of Stevenage.

    He said: “That would be a huge embarrassment to the government but a vast relief for the people of Hertfordshire?.

    Peter Lilley also said that if the decision to close the Vauxhall plant at Luton was irrevocable, the first priority must be to streamline the planning processes on the site to help develop new business and jobs as rapidly as possible. But if there is any spare land after meeting that need, it should be made available for housing which would further relieve the need for the development only a few miles away to the west of Stevenage.