Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, led fellow Herts MPs in a Parliamentary Motion raising concerns about the alarming deficit in local NHS Trust and Authority covering Lister and QEII hospitals. He put down an Early Day Motion which said:-

    “That this House expresses concern about reports of large deficits incurred by East and North Herts Health Trust and Hertfordshire Health Authority; calls for the publication without further delay of figures for the current and cumulative deficits of the trust and authority; asks the Secretary of State for Health to explain why claimed increases in health spending have still left deficits in the NHS in Hertfordshire; demands assurances that services and much needed investment programmes will not be cut to pay for these deficits; and calls for concrete steps to achieve this.?

    Speaking in his constituency, he said: “recent information suggests that the North and East Herts NHS Trust is running a deficit of ?3million a year on top of that incurred last year and the Authority is prevaricating about its finances. This government is constantly spinning about ?extra money for the NHS? but we need to know why our local NHS is deep in the red?.