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    Peter Lilley

    Conservative Campaign HQ, 1 Place Farm

    Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8SB

    Tel: 01582 834344 Fax: 01582 834884

    Email: peter.lilley@conservatives.com


    With less than two weeks to Polling Day, the Conservatives in Hitchin & Harpenden will be holding a Keep The Pound Campaign Day on Saturday 26th May. The Conservative Campaign Team, with Peter Lilley, will be in Hitchin Market Place from 9.00 am onwards.

    “There are only thirteen days left to Polling Day and thirteen days left to Keep the Pound? said Conservative candidate Peter Lilley. “Replacing the Pound by the Euro would be far more serious than past systems linking it to gold, the Dollar or the ERM. We were able to leave them if they proved harmful – and did so. But countries cannot leave the Euro. So, to join, you need to believe it could never be harmful in the future?.

    “In fact the Euro is above all a political project intended to lead from single currency, to single government, to single state. And countries who join the Euro probably would be forced in that direction since there never has been a currency without a government with powers to tax, spend, borrow and regulate.?

    “Britain can only be certain of keeping those powers if we Keep the Pound.?

    “We are once again asking the people of Hitchin to show their commitment to keep their own currency and to show that they do not want to be submerged into a European super state by joining our Keep The ? campaign this weekend.?

    The Hitchin and Harpenden Keep The Pound Day will be taking place from 9.00 am on Saturday 26th May in Hitchin Market Place.

    For further information, please contact Geraldine Mitchell on (01582) 834344.