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    Labour Candidate Tells Porkie Pies to Pupils

    Labour Candidate, Alan Amos, was caught out telling “amazing porkie pies” to

    pupils at Hitchin Boys School during a debate with other candidates. He

    claimed that “Labour is opposed to building on the Green Belt between

    Hitchin and Stevenage”.

    Peter Lilley described this as “a breathtaking falsehood which I hope is the

    result of shere ignorance by a candidate who does not live here, rather than

    deliberate dishonesty.

    “Everyone knows that the plan to build 10,000 houses was steamrollered

    through Hertfordshire County Council by an alliance of Labour and LibDems.

    It was then endorsed by John Prescott. Moreover, Prescott has repeatedly

    rejected my requests to re-open his decision and apply new planning

    procedures to find alternative sites for these houses. Only the

    Conservatives are opposed to this plan.”

    The Liberal Candidate, agreeing with Peter Lilley?s account, acknowledged

    that LibDem County Councillors supported the plan.

    Peter Lilley said: “None of the pupils was of voting age so Mr Amos?s

    porkie pies would not even win him votes. As it was, many of the pupils

    were better informed than he was. So they were amazed at his palpably false


    “The whole purpose of the debate was to counter cynicism about politics

    among young people. I fear that hearing the candidate for a major party

    taking such liberties with the truth may actually make them more cynical.”


    Published and promoted by G E Mitchell on behalf of Peter Lilley both of 1

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