Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Speaking in the House of Commons during question time last Wednesday, Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, called on the Minister for Housing to rescind the approval disastrously given by John Prescott when he was Secretary of State for the Environment, for the Labour/LibDem plan to build 10,000 houses on the green belt west of Stevenage.

    The relevant extract from Hansard for the 23rd October is set out below.

    Mr. Peter Lilley (Hitchin and Harpenden): Is the Minister aware that the urban capacity study commissioned by the incoming Conservative-controlled Hertfordshire council administration shows that there are enough brownfield sites in Hertfordshire on which to build all the houses needed not only up to 2016, but up to 2024, without needing to build on the green belt? Will she therefore take steps to rescind the approval disastrously given by the Deputy Prime Minister when he was Secretary of State for the Labour-Liberal plan to build an unprecedented number of houses on the green belt in Hertfordshire, which will damage every county in the country with a green belt to protect?

    Ms Keeble: I am aware of the capacity study being done by the new administration and I understand that it is studying the figures and deciding how best to take matters forward. I am also aware that the capacity study shows that the administration can provide for its target housing in the space that it has. It is not possible for me to comment on individual planning applications.