Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    The Government?s plans for regional government will mean abolishing English shire counties or our district councils, a Labour Minister, Lord Falconer admitted. Questioned by Conservatives in Parliament, he conceded that Lib-Lab plans for regional government will mean the abolition of shire counties ? such as Hertfordshire County Council or local councils like St. Albans District Council.

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, said:

    “The cat is out of the bag. Labour?s plans for regional assemblies will mean the abolition of England?s historic shire counties, like Hertfordshire or our district councils like North St. Albans. Rather than devolving responsibilities to local communities, Labour ? backed by the Lib Dems ? want to centralise power by transferring it up to a new tier of regional politicians based in Norwich. Local people in this area will have less say over issues like planning, housing and local transport and decisions will be taken further away by people with little first hand knowledge of local needs.

    “Worse, such restructuring could cost over ?50 million in Hertfordshire alone, and a new regional council tax may be introduced to pay for these new politicians. As ever, taxpayers? money would be wasted on bureaucracy and red tape, rather than improving our crumbling public services.?