Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    New figures obtained by the Conservatives have revealed that rail delays have soared since the Government effectively renationalised Railtrack ? figures that Labour have tried to hide.

    In December, the Government announced that it would cease the central publication of train operators? punctuality and reliability statistics until March 2002. However, the individual train companies are still obliged, under the Passenger?s Charter, to publish monthly performance statistics at the principal stations they serve.

    Peter Lilley said:

    “Labour once promised that things would only get better ? but the railways, like other public services, are getting worse. Rail delays have soared by between 31 and 45% for passengers using services between London and Hitchin since Labour forced Railtrack into the ground. No wonder they have tried to bury this bad news.

    “This is a problem of Labour?s own making. Badly needed private investment in the railways and elsewhere in our services, is now at risk since the shoddy way Labour pulled the plug on Railtrack. Railway staff who have had their savings in Railtrack expropriated are demoralised. Worse, with many areas across the country facing strike action from militant trade unions, rail passengers should expect even more misery under Labour.?