Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, warned today that the Government?s plans for the Post Office could result in the closure of sub-post offices across Hertfordshire.

    Peter Lilley said:

    “Post offices are the lifeblood of Hertfordshire?s community. But their future is under threat of closure or bankruptcy. Labour are pushing ahead with their plans to end benefit payments over the Post Office counter. This will cut 35 per cent of the income of the average sub-post office. Their so-called Universal bank replacement is nowhere to be seen. They have got into this mess because they cancelled the plan that I initiated to pay benefits via the post office by a computerised system accessed by a ?Benefit Card?.

    “Worse, Consignia ? the company which runs the Post Office ? is in crisis under the Government?s mismanagement. The Post Office are considering ?1.2 billion of cuts and is failing to provide a decent service or compete properly in the global market ? all due to ministerial meddling. A shocking million items of mail are now being lost each week ? equivalent to an average 1,500 items a week across Hitchin and Harpenden.

    “Vital community post offices and the universal postal service must be preserved. I want to see a clear-cut plan to aid Hertfordshire?s sub-post offices. The current state of the Post Office is yet another public service failure by Labour.”