Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, warned today that the Government are planning to introduce new toll taxes on the M25 and the M1 to the north of Hertfordshire. These controversial proposals were published on Tuesday 9th April by Stephen Byers? Department website without a press release.

    Peter Lilley commented:

    “We already know that new toll or parking taxes are being introduced in many towns across England. Now stealth plans are being drawn up to extend toll taxes across local motorways (the M25 and the M1 to the north of the county). Hertfordshire?s residents could be paying up to 6p per kilometre to drive on existing roads, in addition to other vehicle and fuel taxes.

    “These types of taxes are supported by the Liberal Democrats. In alliance with Labour, they want to tax Hertfordshire?s drivers off the road. It?s wrong to do this before viable public transport alternatives are in place. Extra taxes will hit the vulnerable the hardest ? like the elderly, the poor and those in isolated rural areas. This policy just means ?roads for the rich?.

    “Motorists already pay high tax on fuel. Motorists? taxes far exceed the cost of the road system already. At a time when petrol prices are soaring, it is a slap in the face of drivers to force them to pay even more. There is a respectable case for introducing tolls to finance new roads but levying tolls on existing roads is a new form of stealth tax which is intended to raise even more money for Gordon Brown. Hertfordshire?s motorists are seen as an easy target.?