Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, warned today that the large tax increases in Labour?s Budget would not deliver practical improvements to public services in Hertfordshire.

    Peter Lilley said in response to the Budget:
    “Over the past five years, Labour has already raised taxes hugely by stealth but Hertfordshire?s public services have become worse. The waiting list for out-patients has soared by 62% across Hertfordshire since Labour came to power. Money has been wasted on more administrators and bed blocking. For the first time there are more administrators in the NHS than there are beds! We need fewer administrators and to hold them accountable locally.

    “Too many layers of management controlled from the centre leads to bad management and waste as the appalling confusion over maternity services at Hemel, failure to act decisively over the suspended consultants and plans to centralise Herts Accident and Emergency services in a single hospital demonstrate.

    “Throwing extra money at the NHS without reform won?t deliver the improvements that people are looking for. Spending on the NHS in Scotland is currently far higher than in England. Scotland has 30% more consultants, 33% more GPs and 30% more nurses per 100,000 of population than England. Despite this, waiting times for operations are longer, bed-blocking is more of a problem and healthcare outcomes are even worse than in England. This proves that injecting huge resources into an unreformed NHS will not deliver results.

    “Labour have broken their promises on tax and returned to their old tax-and-spend ways. This Budget is just more talk, more taxes, no change and no difference. Hertfordshire?s residents deserve better.?