Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Following an attempt last month by Wheathampstead Liberal Democrats to smear Peter Lilley‘s record as Social Security Secretary, they have belatedly
    apologised for making false allegations. In April, a Lib-Dem election
    leaflet claimed that Mr. Lilley personally authorised a ‘cut in the income
    of local Post Offices‘.

    Peter Lilley said:

    “I am glad that local Liberal Democrats were finally forced to admit their
    allegation was not merely untrue but the reverse of the truth. This follows
    a letter from the General Secretary of the Federation of Sub-Postmasters
    which said that far from cutting postmasters incomes ‘Peter Lilley went the
    extra mile for Sub-postmasters‘. Liberal Democrat assertions that I had
    somehow ‘cut the income of local Post Offices‘ could not be further away
    from the truth.

    “I welcome the belated admission by Paul Edelston of the Wheathampstead
    Liberal Democrats that his claim was ‘unfair‘, without foundation and that
    he regrets his ‘choice of words‘ and has promised to apologise publicly.
    However, it is a shame that he deliberately waited until after the election
    (which he lost) before making his half hearted apology and that he still
    tries to cloud it by raising different issues which were not even mentioned
    in his pre-election leaflet.

    “Mr. Edelston seems to belong to the Stephen Byers school of politician – in
    which obfuscation takes a higher place than honesty. Even when caught out
    they try to cover up. I am still awaiting the public apology which he
    promised in a letter to me last month.”