Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Local MP, Peter Lilley, today expressed support for people with dementia and
    their carers in Hitchin and Harpenden, in the run up to Alzheimer?s
    Awareness Week?. The theme of the week, which will run from 7 – 13 July
    2002, is ?Feeling the Pulse?. The Alzheimer?s Society will be focusing on
    the importance of early diagnosis of dementia in order to access treatment
    and services, and also how to support all people with dementia and their

    Peter Lilley said:

    “I am very happy to be supporting the Alzheimer?s Society in their Awareness
    Week as they are raising a subject that needs to be brought out into the
    open. The early detection of dementia is vital and should be publicised as
    this is an issue that has the capacity to affect us all.?

    “Probably around 750 people living in Hitchin and Harpenden have dementia
    and more than three times that number are affected by the consequences.

    Harry Cayton, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer?s Society, said:

    “I?m very pleased that Peter Lilley MP is supporting Alzheimer?s Awareness
    Week?. This week is all about how local dementia care services are changing,
    and how the Society, together with GPs and other primary care professionals,
    can provide information and support to everyone affected by dementia. Our
    research shows that half of all carers delay visiting their GP after
    thinking something?s wrong, the average delay is three years.”