Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, addressing a packed meeting at Breachwood Green on Tuesday, 17th September, called for united action to prevent an environmental disaster from government plans to over-expand Luton Airport.

    He promised to work closely with District Councillor David Barnard, County Councillor Nigel Brook, who also spoke to the meeting, and
    with Harpenden and Redbourn Councillors to force the government to

    “Immediately I learned of these plans I protested to the Minister to make sure the concerns about Luton expansion were top of his pile as he reviews all the airports in the South East,” Peter Lilley told the meeting.

    “The Minister replied that the government was simply considering all options ‘factually and neutrally‘. But this is untrue. Under the deliberately misleading heading ‘Growth with no additional runways‘ the government report says ‘at Luton, a longer runway and parallel taxiway are assumed‘.

    “The whole meeting was incensed at this treatment of Luton. I believe it is unfair and unwise: it is unfair because we have as much right to be consulted about building a new longer runway and parallel taxiing runway as do people living near other airports.

    “It is unwise because extending the existing runway would be a massive civil engineering project; the extra traffic would need not only a new road from the A505 but a costly new by-pass round Hitchin and there will be immense resistance from residents of Hitchin and Harpenden about the threat of new jumbo jets overflying their towns.”

    Peter Lilley pledged to raise the issue in Parliament and to work with LADACAN and local councillors to defeat this ill-thought through project