Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, today warned that over 3000 teachers could leave Hertfordshire?s schools over the next five years. This is based on a survey conducted by MORI and the General Teaching Council, which has found that one in three of all teachers expect to leave teaching within five years, protesting about workload, government interference and poor pupil behaviour. Conservatives have pledged to give heads and governors the right to run their schools as they see fit, giving them the freedom to innovate and drive up standards.

    Peter Lilley said:

    “We are fortunate to have particularly dedicated teachers and largely excellent schools in the area. I also commend the efforts of Robert Gordon, Hertfordshire County Councillor with responsibility for children, families and schools, who has been working hard to mitigate the risk created largely by the government. He has recently secured County funding for important teacher recruitment and retention schemes. This follows the Labour government?s extraordinary decision to remove the special grants to tackle the problem in Hertfordshire.

    “Its is not surprising that Hertfordshire teachers have been increasingly demoralised since Labour came to power. Local schools have been burdened with unnecessary paperwork, gimmicky initiatives and arbitrary targets. Worse, school discipline has been undermined, by Whitehall preventing unruly pupils from being expelled. As a result, this worrying survey reveals that a third of all teachers may quit in the next five years. Across Hertfordshire?s schools, we could see an exodus of over 3000 teachers.

    “I do not believe that Whitehall pen-pushers should be micro-managing our schools. Instead, we pledge to make heads, teachers, governors and parents the key players in driving up standards of learning and discipline. We will give them the choice to take control of the running of their school.?