Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley MP warned today that Hitchin and Harpenden faced soaring numbers of abandoned cars being dumped. An independent report by the Institute for European Environmental Policy has warned that new EU directives and Government inaction will result in a quarter of a million more cars being abandoned or torched each year ? equivalent to an extra 380 cars in a constituency like Hitchin and Harpenden. An estimated 350,000 cars, an average of 530 per constituency, are already dumped each year.

    Peter Lilley said:

    “It is not just violent crime that is soaring across Hertfordshire, but now our streets are getting dirtier and more dangerous. We already knew that the number of burnt out cars across the Herts fire brigade area has soared by 96 per cent from 1997 to 2000. But this new report predicts that the problem of abandoned cars is going to get even worse.

    “European Union directives signed by Labour will force the cost of car disposal to soar ? a bill which is going to be met by car owners and council tax payers. Badly drafted regulations supposed to help the environment will end up worsening urban decay.

    “Abandoned cars are hazardous for children and encourage more vandalism and crime in our neighbourhoods. I believe the whole problem of crime across Hertfordshire must be addressed ? from getting more police officers on the streets to tackling smaller scale, quality of life nuisances.?