Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, and Mrs Insley of Women Against Medial Injustice (WAMI) met senior officials from the General Medical Council (GMC) to discuss their decision to let the disgraced consultant, Mr Kane, remain on the Medical Register and teach within the NHS

    Peter Lilley said: “After an hour and a half of detailed discussion, the GMC officials made it clear that they could not reverse the decisions they reached on the cases considered so far. However, Mrs Insley made it clear that WAMI were rightly not prepared to let the matter rest. It is possible that further cases of malpractice currently being considered might lead to Mr Kane‘s removal from the Register,

    “We expressed our concern that the rules had been interpreted in the way which was most favourable to doctors. Indeed, the GMC acknowledged that their rules are not designed to provide justice from the patients‘ perspective – though they should protect patients.

    “I will continue to pursue these issues on behalf of all the women who have suffered medical mistreatment – and to ensure safer treatment in future.”