Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, expressed his concern today for the future of Harpenden Local History Society.

    Peter Lilley said: “For many years the Harpenden Local History Society has leased space in Harpenden Hall where it has established a thriving museum of local history and holds regular exhibitions and meetings for the people of Harpenden and the surrounding villages so that they can have a wider understanding of the history of their area.

    “Last March their lease was terminated and the Society was offered – and accepted – temporary accommodation in a port-a-cabin at the rear of the Hall. However, it is now faced with the threat eviction at the end of this month following termination of their short term tenancy.

    “I join Harpenden Town Council and the Harpenden Society in their support for the Local History Society and call on all those involved to seek a solution that will allow Harpenden to continue to enjoy the benefits of having a local history museum. I have written to St Albans District Council asking them to look into the possible contravention of the planning regulations by the landlord. It is ironical that two weeks ago the Society‘s museum was registered as an approved museum thereby recognising the value the Society provides and the professionalism of this voluntarily maintained resource.”