Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    “The government‘s bizarre star rating system must not be used to justify downgrading the Lister Hospital” said Peter Lilley MP for Hitchin and Harpenden. The Lister is expected to lose its star when the government publishes its latest annual ratings on Wednesday, the 16th July.

    Peter Lilley went on: “It is absurd that when the Lister‘s waiting list figures were apparently being fiddled Lister was awarded a star, but now the new management is making praiseworthy efforts to clear that up, the hospital is being given a zero star rating.

    “The government‘s obsession with these arbitrary targets is undermining staff morale. It is time they let local hospitals focus on patient care. This perverse downgrading of Lister‘s status must not be allowed to justify plans to downgrade the Accident & Emergency unit in the current Strategic Health Review.”

    Peter Lilley recently joined Oliver Heald and Hemel Hempstead campaigner, Mike Penning, in calling for a ‘Patients‘ Option‘ that would maintain surgical A&E services at the Lister Hospital and would involve less centralisation of services than in Options 1 and 2 put forward by the Strategic Health Authority.