Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, has warned that the Government’s planned review of acute hospital services across Hertfordshire is most likely to result in a deterioration of the quality and capacity of healthcare available for local residents. Commenting on the plans, Peter Lilley warned, “This should set off alarm bells for anyone concerned about the future of Hertfordshire?s hospitals.?

    “The review of local NHS in 2003, Investing in Our Health, recommended a new ‘so called‘ superhospital at Hatfield. Yet work on this has still not begun ? three years later. It is clear the government is about to renege on Investing in Our Health and the prospects of a new so called superhospital at Hatfield look even more doubtful.?

    “I have warned the management of the new West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust PCT that any proposal to revive previous plans to close all beds at Harpenden Memorial Hospital would be completely unacceptable.?

    “We have had enough reviews, mergers and other unnecessary wasteful fiddling with our local NHS in recent years. What we really need to investigate is what has happened to all the money which has been poured into our health service. Despite the Government trumpeting record investment in the NHS, we face another round of cost cutting on top of the 1000 jobs in the local NHS they have already said are under threat.?

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