Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, addressed a packed meeting organised by LADACAN at Breachwood Green on Wednesday, 14th January. He argued that the government is now proposing an option for expanding Luton airport which is different from those on which they consulted and which had been ruled out as impracticable by the government‘s own consultants.

    He pointed out that “the new proposal would involve building over a kilometre of new runway extending into Hertfordshire and the extension would be longer than either of those proposed in the consultation document.”

    “Moreover, the government has nearly doubled its forecasts of the likely usage of Luton if runways are also built at Stansted and Heathrow.”

    Peter Lilley said: “These are powerful arguments for requiring further consultation on these new proposals. It is far from clear that the government‘s new proposals are feasible. They would involve creating an airport with the capacity of Gatwick on a site only 40% of Gatwick‘s area. Yet, a far higher proportion of Luton users do and will come by car and will need massive parking areas.

    “The truth is that there is not the infrastructure in or around Luton to cope with planes disgorging 30 million people a year”