Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, told the public meeting on the future of Harpenden Memorial Hospital: “Now we have received public assurances about the future of the Red House we can, and I promise you I will, hold management to them. The meeting has made clear how much the Memorial Hospital is valued by the people of Harpenden and surrounding villages and how essential it is to fulfil the plans for our local NHS.?

    Speaking at the public meeting on Thursday, 8th September, called by volunteers who work at the Hospital who were concerned about a possible run down of the hospital, Peter Lilley said: “I know how highly the people of Harpenden value the hospital because of the quality of its care, its convenience, the involvement of GPs and its human scale. So I was naturally very disturbed by reports that it might be run down. Having met the PCT earlier this week and having now heard the assurances I was given then repeated in public, I am greatly reassured that the management genuinely intend to develop services at the hospital as an integral part of their plans for health care in this area.

    “Of course managers, policies and organisations change. But we can, and I will, hold their successors to the public assurances we have all heard today. We will need to be particularly vigilant if the government?s plans go through to merge our local PCT with the other seven in Hertfordshire and to divest them of ownership of ?cottage? hospitals like the Red House.?

    The meeting at Harpenden Public Hall was also addressed by:

    – Harriet Maylin and Marylyn Dalgleish ? who organise the volunteers at the Memorial Hospital;
    – Ian Fulton, Chairman elect of the League of Friends
    – Councillor Bob Wicks
    – John Bennett, Chairman of the St Albans & Harpenden PCT