Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, has welcomed the Chief Executive of East and North Herts Hospital Trust about their recently announced Financial Recovery plan. He is primarily concerned about the reference to considering “additional closures? of beds or wards ? as well as shutting surgical wards at weekends. He is also concerned that some facilities at the Lister and the QEII may be closed before the proposed new hospital at Hatfield provides a replacement.

    Peter Lilley said: “Whilst I am glad that the Trust has released a summary of its Financial Recovery Plan, I am concerned that it envisages further bed closures as well as closing surgical wards at weekends.

    “I am also worried about the reference to implementing measures in the so-called ?Investing in Your Health? programme which may mean closing facilities at either Lister Hospital or the QEII before they can be replaced by any new hospital in Hatfield ? which will not be until 2011.

    “We also need to establish what has happened to the extra money the government claims to have pumped into the local NHS. To what extent has it simply been absorbed by inflated costs ? so that instead of extra facilities we are actually threatened with closures?

    “It is extraordinary that the plan fails to include the most basic figures of total revenue, total costs, numbers of staff employed and the number of patients treated. I am therefore seeking a meeting with the Chief Executive to obtain further clarification of the Trust?s plans. My objective is to ensure that patients in this area do not see any decline in the services available to them.?