Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden condemned the continual round of NHS reorganisation in Hertfordshire as it was announced that the eight Primary Care Trusts in Hertfordshire are to be merged into three Primary Care Trusts.

    Peter said: “This seems to be yet another round in the endless process of re-organisation and centralisation within the NHS.

    “The constant bureaucratic turmoil we have had under this Government absorbs an enormous amount of energy and resources that would be better spent on the detailed improvement of clinical services.

    “Since 1997, we have seen GP fund holding abolished to make way for Primary Care Groups, which were then abolished to make way for Primary Care Trusts, which were then reformed into larger Primary Care Trust units and are now being again reordered into yet bigger units.

    “Over the same period we have seen the four Area Health Authorities in Hertfordshire merged, first into two Area Health Authorities and then into a single one covering all Hertfordshire which was in turn merged with Bedfordshire. Now this is to be merged into a super regional Health Authority covering most of the East of England.

    “Each round of reorganisation and centralisation was supposed to generate long term savings in money and staff. In fact each merger involves increased costs and organisational problems yet the promised savings in money and managerial staff reductions never appear to materialise.

    “It is time for a moratorium on these pointless, costly and centralising mergers so that staff can focus on improving clinical services, patient care and hospital cleanliness.?