Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden will be meeting the St. Albans and Harpenden Primary Care Trust Management this Friday and calling for them to release more information to support their decision to close the beds at the Harpenden Memorial Hospital (also known as the Red House). Peter said, “the information released so far is completely inadequate to justify this decision and provides no basis for a proper consultation.

    “The PCT has not provided the basic figures to support its claims that a reduction in beds is feasible ? for example, they have not provided the present occupancy rates within the Harpenden Memorial Hospital nor how they compare with those at St Albans City hospital.

    “They have not given the number or cost of staff at Harpenden Memorial Hospital, nor the comparable figures for staffing the proposed additional beds at St Albans City Hospital, let alone explained how ‘redeployment of staff‘ can save ?628,000 as they claim.

    “The amount of information that has been provided to the public is hopelessly inadequate, as is the amount of time given to respond via the public consultation.

    “At the meeting on Friday, I will be asking the Primary Care Trust, given the huge public outcry over the plans for closing the Red House, to reconsider its proposals and at least provide the public with better information than they have so far to justify the planned closure.?