Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden will be the attending Whitehill Junior and Roundwood Park Primary Schools this Friday, and welcoming their support for the ?My Friend Needs a Teacher? Campaign for help to provide more teachers in Africa.

    Commenting on the Campaign Peter said, “It is important that children realise how privileged we are in this country where everyone has a school to go to and how desperate many children in poor countries are to get even a rudimentary education.

    “This is a subject I care about particularly because I worked for a number of years on Aid Programmes in Africa and Asia and saw how hungry people are for a good education. I have been working on these issues recently since David Cameron asked me to Chair the Globalisation and Global Poverty Group. Last week the Group held a Public Hearing at which Bob Geldof drove home how important it is to hold governments to their promises to meet the Millennium Development Goals – one of which is to ensure every child has access to free basic education by 2015.

    “That is why I am delighted that local schools are supporting the ?My Friend Needs a Teacher? Campaign. We must keep up the pressure on our government and others to deliver on the promises that have been made to those living in the developing world.?