Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, described as a “shameful breach of faith” the government‘s admission that the ‘Super-Hospital‘ at Hatfield, promised by John Reid just before the last election, will not go ahead.

    Commenting on the decision Peter said, “What has happened is an appalling breach of faith. We have had to accept cuts in local Hertfordshire services in return for a promised Super-Hospital which we were told would be a centre of excellence.

    “Now it emerges we will still have to accept the cuts in our local health service but we will not get the Super-Hospital to compensate for this.

    “The whole consultation process of ?Investing in Your Health?, which involved thousands of hours of valuable employees‘ time at great expense to the taxpayer, has now been shown to be nothing more than a hugely expensive pre-election spin operation.

    “As far as the Lister hospital is concerned I am relieved it is not to be the victim of further cuts, and I will ensure that the local Trust and the Minister realise that extra resources must be committed for the Lister hospital to fulfil the role assigned to it.?