Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Sir Digby Jones, former Head of the CBI, enthralled, entertained and enthused a group of local business people when he addressed the Hitchin & Harpenden Business Club lunch last Friday 17th November. Sir Digby Jones spoke on globalisation, which he said is a force that has the power to make those in both richer and poorer countries better off.

    Sir Digby Jones pointed out that Britain has been in the forefront of coping with globalisation, and that we in the UK have the skills in marketing, research and development, and financial services to ensure that we can compete in high value markets.

    He said that while people are often scared by the rise of manufacturing in poorer countries, they should not be as this gives the UK the opportunity to focus much more on higher value production and services.

    Sir Digby Jones also said that globalisation was a force for good across the World. Countries such as China show how poorer countries too can benefit from globalisation.

    Commenting on the talk, Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden said, “Sir Digby Jones gave an enthralling and positive speech. Globalisation is a force which influences us all and can benefit us enormously. I am constantly reminded of this both from my work on the Globalisation and Global Poverty Policy Group and from visiting the many world class research based companies and institutes in Hertfordshire.”