Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, was joined last Saturday by scores of helpers collecting signatures for a new petition against local NHS cuts and, in particular, the threatened closure of the Harpenden Memorial Hospital.

    Afterwards, Peter said, “I was struck by how many of the people who signed the petition had recent experience of themselves or friends and family being treated at the Red House.

    “It makes an immense difference having this care close at hand and under the supervision of local GPs.

    “The last petition, which I helped organise, gathered 9,000 signatures and helped reprieve the Red House before. It is monstrous that they should think they can slip the same proposal through without reflecting the concerns of GPs about inadequate alternative care arrangements and no further discussion on the matter.

    “The PCT plans to vote on the closure without further public consultation at its next meeting at 2.30 pm this Wednesday, the 29th November, at the Public Halls, Southdown Road, Harpenden.

    “I will be attending this Wednesday’s PCT meeting to protest at the planned Red House closure. I hope as many people attend as is possible and show the strength of local feeling on this matter.”