Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Figures released this week show that the percentage of Harpenden pupils receiving a place at their first-ranked school increased from 87% in 2016 to 89% this year, and nearly all pupils were allocated places at one of their ranked schools.

    Peter said: “Harpenden County Councillors deserve credit for achieving this outcome even though Harpenden’s fourth secondary school will now not open until next year. Their efforts to make additional places available in particular at Sandringham School have ensured most pupils already know they will get a place at one of their chosen schools. However, there will be greater pressure in future years so it remains essential to open Harpenden’s fourth secondary school in September 2018.”

    He added: “I sympathise with the families of the children who have not yet got a place at one of their ranked schools, but from past experience, I hope that they will get a place at one of their preferred schools following the ‘continuing interest’ and appeal processes.”