Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley criticised Govia Thameslink for hiding its fare increase behind an inadequate compensation scheme, and called on Govia and the Government to give Thameslink passengers the same retrospective compensation for past disruption as they are giving to Southern passengers.

    Peter Lilley said: “It is a bit rich for Govia to think that passengers will put up with a fare increase in return for an enhanced compensation scheme. Of course, compensation is necessary, but what my constituents want is an end to the delays and, in the meantime, there can be no justification for increasing fares next year. Other train operators may be raising fares, but they are not running such an appalling, substandard service.”

    Peter added: “Govia have also announced that Southern rail passengers will be able to claim compensation for their season tickets from last year – in some cases up to £370. It is hugely unfair that this one-off compensation scheme is not available to Thameslink passengers, who have also suffered enormously as a result of Govia’s incompetence and Union intransigence. I am writing to both Govia and the Department for Transport to demand that they extend this retrospective compensation scheme to Thameslink passengers.”

    Govia Thameslink Railway have today announced that fares on the Thameslink network will rise by 1.8% next year, “in line with other train operators”. From next week (11th December) Thameslink passengers will be able to claim compensation for delays of 15 minutes or more, a change from the current 30-minute threshold.