Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley says, “It is a pleasant change to be able to hand out praise for once: Herts County Council deserves a pat on the back for ensuring that all the children at Redbourn Junior School and their parents eventually secured a school of their preference. This followed the forceful representations that parents, Redbourn Junior School, Cllr Derek Hill and I made to the County Council earlier this year following its decision to split the village down the centre and send those pupils to the west of that line to schools in Hemel Hempstead.

    “Of course it would have been better if the original allocation had never happened. But whereas all too often organisations did their heels in when things go wrong, this time the County pulled out all the stops to put the situation right.?

    Peter Lilley went on to say: “I remain concerned that Year 6 children at Redbourn Junior School might be faced with the same situation again next year. I share the belief of the school?s governing body that the children and their parents should not have to face such a stressful situation year after year and strongly urge the County Council to ensure that this will not happen again?.