Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter said: “It is crucial that the winner of the Conservative Party leadership contest is someone who is decisive, determined and experienced in business and the complexities of the European issues so that they can press ahead straight away. To my mind, the one candidate who meets all those criteria is Andrea Leadsom, who has the bonus of being popular across the party, which she will need to unite. I was asked to pick the star among the large and unusually talented influx of new MPs in 2010 and she was my choice as the brightest.”

    “She assembled and led the large Fresh Start team of MPs who analysed the whole spectrum of EU policies and what needed to change whether we remained or left. So she knows the subject better than almost anyone else. Her main rival is Theresa May who, for all her strengths, has a reputation for indecision – exemplified by her inability to make up her mind decisively on the greatest issue of the day: our membership of the EU. We are going to need a strong, decisive and committed PM to push negotiations with the EU to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.”