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    Dear Voter,


    I am writing, as your MP, to explain why I believe Leaving the EU is best for our future.


    This Referendum is about our Democracy and Prosperity. They go hand in hand – because in a democracy if the government doesn’t deliver prosperity the people can throw it out.


    But the EU is not like that. The Commission – its government – is not elected. Their Euro policy has been catastrophic, particularly for young people – 25% youth unemployment in France, 40% in Italy, over 50% in Greece. Yet no Commissioners have lost their jobs!


    Thankfully, Britain stayed out of the Euro – despite those who now back Remain – the CBI, City, American banks, Blair, IMF and German Chancellor – warning of “recession, isolation, job losses, doom for the City” if we stayed out. Their threats proved to be the reverse of what happened! I am ashamed my government is orchestrating a chorus of discredited threats to scare us to remain in the EU.


    As the Trade and Industry Minister who implemented the Single Market and negotiated our last successful trade deal, I am confident Britain can thrive once we leave. We will be free to negotiate our own trade deals with massive growing markets like China, India and Brazil. And we can reduce regulatory burdens which cost our firms £billions.


    This is not a choice between change and no change. The EU is set to become a centralised European State. They must, to save the Euro. Remain, and the EU can still make our laws, control our trade and pressure us to join the Euro, Schengen, eventually become just a part of the EU like Texas is part of the USA. Leave, and Britain’s relationship with Europe can be like Canada’s with the USA in the North American Free Trade Area: trading freely with the EU but controlling our laws, money, borders and decisions on war and peace.




    Control our laws: half of which originate in Brussels.


    Control our money: and spend the £10 billion we give the EU on our priorities like the NHS. Control our borders: no-one proposes stopping all immigration – but we should be free to decide how many, with what skills settle here.


    Until we do, the housing crisis will worsen and pressure to build over our Green Belt will grow.


    If you have queries let me know at lilleyp@parliament.uk and I will try to answer them.


    Yours sincerely,


    Peter Lilley's Signature


    Peter Lilley Member of Parliament for Hitchin and Harpenden




    We give the EU £10 billion a year more than we get back.


    Britain has voted against 72 measures in the EU Council and been defeated 72 times.


    Net migration from the EU is equal to a city the size of Newcastle each year.


    EU judges have overruled UK laws on immigration, fishing, VAT, counterterrorism, etc.


    We cannot make our own trade deals while we stay in the EU. Switzerland, outside the EU, has deals with economies whose total size is five times the total of those with which the EU has deals.





    We could spend £10 billion more on the NHS or other priorities.


    Why stay in a club whose main projects – the Euro, Schengen, Political Union – we reject?


    Make our immigration policy fairer to Commonwealth citizens and cut total numbers settling here.


    Reduce EU regulations on 90% of UK firms who don’t trade with EU but must obey with EU rules.


    Let’s make trade deals with China, India and Brazil. The EU can’t because all 28 members have a veto and some oppose freer trade.


    If You: Would like more information, Want to ask me any questions, Want to help the campaign (e.g. delivering leaflets locally) please email me at: lilleyp@parliament.uk