Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley last week forced the Government to protect the NHS in the EU’s trade negotiations with the USA (TTIP agreement). He tabled an amendment to the Queen’s speech, supported by 25 Tory MPs, calling for a bill to protect the NHS from TTIP.

    Peter said: “not protecting the NHS from TTIP would put our health service at huge risk in the future. We have already seen what could happen in Hertfordshire. A few years ago, I and Tory colleagues successfully lobbied to bring the disastrous privately-run SurgiCentre at the Lister Hospital back into the NHS. Were TTIP in force then, and had the centre been run by a U.S. firm – as many are – this could have gone to a special court and cost our local NHS millions.”

    The Government was forced to accept the amendment. Had it gone to a vote, it could have seen the Government defeated in a Queen’s Speech debate for the first time since 1924.

    Peter said: “now that the Government has accepted the amendment, it must bring forward the bill before the EU referendum on 23rd June so that the public is able to see whether the NHS and other public services are fully protected from the TTIP Bill. If not, the only certain way to protect them will be to vote to leave the EU.”