Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Local MPs Peter Lilley and Oliver Heald met North Herts councillors and officials to discuss how to speed up proposals for a new garden city in Hertfordshire.

    Peter Lilley said: “If we can bring forward plans for a garden city in Hertfordshire, it will help avoid

    the need for some of the least desirable options which have to be included in the new

    development plan. The key will be to speed up the process, which at the moment seems to be

    unnecessarily complex. Oliver and I promised we would use all our influence to simplify the

    process and overcome any obstacles. The sooner we can develop these plans for a garden city,

    the more likely it will be that a future review of the local development plan will be able to drop

    some of the least pleasant options for housing. Of course we recognise that a garden city alone

    cannot meet all our planning needs if we are to make a sensible contribution to alleviating the

    terrible shortage of housing in this country.”