Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Hitchin and Harpenden schools are providing a higher standard of education, learning and care than most of the rest of the country – 94% of schools in the constituency have been judged good or outstanding by Ofsted, compared with the national figure of 83%, according to Ofsted’s latest national statistics.

    Peter said: “The Ofsted report shows what we already knew – that the schools in Hitchin and Harpenden are among the best in the country. These results are a great tribute to all our teachers.

    “However, success creates its problems. Our excellent schools attract an increasing number of young families to the area: so we must create the additional school places we need to meet the growing demand and to ensure that no pupil from this constituency has to travel outside the area for a school place. It is vital that we build as speedily as possible an extra school in Harpenden and expand the capacity of our Hitchin schools to meet the demand.