Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    The flag designed by Whitehill pupil, Jenny Ingram, which represented Hertfordshire at the Magna Carta celebrations at Runnymede and Parliament Square, was brought back by MP Peter Lilley for the school’s Achievers’ Assembly on Friday. The flag was one of 80 designed by primary school pupils across the UK as part of a project to enable young people to discover the history of their County and how Britain’s tradition of freedom under the law developed since Magna Carta.

    The 80 flags – one for each historic county in the UK – stemmed from an educational journey undertaken by 7-11 year olds in over 450 schools.   Whitehill School’s flag was selected from over 500 flags to represent the historic county of Hertfordshire.   Whitehill School’s flag flew at both the national commemoration of the 800th anniversary of The Great Charter on Runnymede meadow on 15 June, in the presence of HM The Queen, and in Parliament Square between 18 – 22 May to mark the recalling of Parliament after the election. The flag was returned to Jenny Ingram, who had designed the flag as part of a special Achiever’s Assembly attended by Peter. 

    Peter said: "The 2015 Flag Project enables children to learn about their heritage of freedom and Parliamentary representation.   Jenny’s flag is a great representation of our local area – drawing upon the natural environment and history by incorporating the Hertfordshire stag, purple for Hitchin’s lavender fields and arrows for the UK’s first roundabout.

    "Flags are one of the key ways in which individual and group identities are represented around the world. This makes them a perfect vehicle to encapsulate a project celebrating this year’s anniversary of 750 years of political representation in the UK.  

    "It was great to see the culmination of this parliamentary project, which has enabled its participants to learn about their democratic heritage through creative work, so prominently on display at Runnymede where the Magna Carta was signed, and in Parliament Square. I was very proud that our constituency and county were represented by Whitehill School."