Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    In a speech at The Priory School, Hitchin’s end of term assembly, Peter Lilley hailed the news that half of all school leavers in Hitchin and Harpenden have gained places at University – the highest proportion of any constituency in the country, according to the University and College Admission Service (UCAS) Report, published today.

    Peter Lilley said: “I’ve long claimed that the schools in Hitchin and Harpenden are among the best in the country and now we have the proof. The UCAS statistics show that a higher proportion of pupils in this constituency secure a university place than any other constituency in the country. This is a tribute to all the teachers, the pupils and, I suspect, their parents.

    “However, success creates its problems. Our excellent schools attract an increasing number of young families to the area: so we must create the additional school places we need to meet the growing demand and to ensure that no pupil form this constituency has to travel outside the area for a school place.

    “University is not for everyone – the 50% not going to university are just as important as those who do and should be able to realize their full potential and look forward to a successful future. This is why I am equally pleased that this constituency is at the forefront of championing apprenticeships and vocational training with the support of colleges, schools and employers.”