Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Local PhD scientist, Jennifer Webb, showed Peter Lilley her ground breaking research project displayed in Parliament in the finals of ‘SET for Britain’ for National Science and Engineering Week. Jennifer’s project involves using diamonds to identify DNA and other molecules.  Jennifer grew up in Hitchin and attended Hitchin Girls’ School before moving to Warwick to pursue a PhD in Physical Sciences.

    “Jennifer is a fantastic ambassador for pursuing a career in the Sciences,” said Peter. “As a nation we need to encourage all the talented potential scientists we can to take up this exciting and vital profession. Her project is part of research which could be of immense value scientifically and commercially.  To oversimplify: it involves threading complex molecules through nano scale holes in diamonds, measuring the electric fields they create to identify the structure of the molecule.  As she said “diamonds are a researcher’s best friend”! I wish her every success.  This presentation of such an array of ground-breaking research was a great opportunity to support the work of the budding scientists and engineers who will become Britain’s leaders in this field. They are a vital asset to the UK’s industrial sector.

    “Having studied science at university myself, I am particularly proud that one of the SET for BRITAIN finalists hails from Hitchin and I hope that this part of Hertfordshire will continue to produce such outstanding young scientists.”

    Peter Lilley with Jennifer Webb

    Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP with Jennifer Webb in the Terrace Marquee at the House of Commons