Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley welcomed the dramatic fall in the number of people claiming unemployment benefit in Hitchin and Harpenden – down by a quarter over the last year – as proof of the resilience of local business.   At just 1.7%, the area has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country.   Youth unemployment in this constituency has fallen by nearly 20% over the same period according to the Office of National Statistics.

    “The number of people claiming job-seekers allowance in the constituency has fallen by a quarter since this time last year, which is even more rapid than the fall across the rest of the UK.   It is proof of the dynamism of local business and shows the recovery is well under way,” said Peter Lilley. “I am also delighted to see that youth unemployment continues to fall since once young people get into work they acquire the skills, work habit and employment record which will help them up the employment ladder.

    “These figures underline the growing strength of the jobs market and the growing opportunities available to young people looking for employment. More and more people in the UK are getting the security and independence provided by a regular wage that allows them to support their families and plan for the future.”