Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley welcomed the 1500th visitor from Hitchin and Harpenden to Westminster on Thursday 13th March as part of his 15th Tour of the Houses of Parliament. As Peter’s invitation to all constituents turning 18 in any given year to visit parliament proved so popular, Peter two years ago began to extend the invitation to all his constituents on the electoral register area by area. Already over 1500 people have taken up the opportunity.

    “These tours allow constituents of all political persuasions and none the opportunity to visit the historic Palace of Westminster, to hear how it works and to question me on a whole range of local and national issues,” said Peter. “The tours provide a way for me to keep in touch with my constituents in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. I think it is vital that MPs offer their constituents as many opportunities as possible to engage with the political process. I am delighted that these tours have become so popular and I look forward to welcoming many more of my constituents to Westminster.”

    Peter Saville, a student at Hitchin Boy’s School, who participated in this latest visit said, “I really enjoyed Mr. Lilley’s tour of Parliament where he explained how Westminster worked. It was a brilliant opportunity to engage with Peter and ask him questions on both local and national matters, giving us a sense of the hard work he does for us in the house. Peter hasn’t just disappeared into a smoke filled room; he remains an incredibly approachable and effective MP and I feel lucky to be part of his constituency.

    “Throughout the trip Mr. Lilley was engaging, witty and involved in the views and opinions of his constituents. It is clear that Peter really cares about Hitchin and Harpenden, he passionately debated all questions put forward to him and left everyone who attended glad to have experienced such an amazing evening.”

    Peter Lilley in Parliament

    Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP with constituents from Hitchin and Harpenden in a Committee Room in the House of Commons