Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter visited Airbus Defence & Space in Stevenage last week to congratulate 26 year old Abbie Hutty, who lives in Hitchin, on being made Young Woman Engineer of the Year. Abbie is a Spacecraft Structures Engineer on the ExoMars Rover mission – Europe’s first Rover Mission to the red planet.

    “Abbie is a fantastic ambassador for a career in Engineering,” said Peter.  “As a nation we need to attract all the talented potential engineers into this exciting and vital profession. As only 7% of the current engineering workforce is female, it is important that young women, who at present wrongly assume this is not a career for them, are encouraged to enter this field.

    “I am very proud not only that this year’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year hails from Hitchin, but also that this part of Hertfordshire is the world’s leading centre for satellite design and manufacture. I hope that this area will continue to produce such outstanding young engineers and remain at the centre of this exciting industry.”