Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Members of 10th Harpenden Scout Group met their MP, Peter Lilley, when they came to Parliament for a reception given by the Speaker of House of Commons, for members of the Scout Movement.    Harpenden Scouts joined their contemporaries from around the country to raise the profile of Scouting and the important life skills that it offers young people.

    "It was a pleasure to welcome these scouts to the House of Commons and hear about the great work that they are doing both in our community and the projects that they support across the world," said Peter. "Scouting helps young people gain valuable life skills and fosters community spirit. Some 35,000 young people are currently on waiting lists to join the Scouts.   So it is vital to recruit more adults willing to become scout leaders.

    "Harpenden is a strong centre of Scouting activity, with over 1,000 young people attending weekly meetings.   I congratulate the 10th Harpenden Scout Group on their 50th anniversary – I hope that they will continue to provide a wonderful source of learning and adventure for many years to come."


    Photograph left to right:

    Katy Turberville – Assistant Group Scout Leader, 10th Harpenden Scout Group

    Peter Lilley MP – Member of Parliament for Hitchin & Harpenden

    Lucy Turberville

    Conor Nugent

    Oliver Grant