Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley was joined by several hundred people from across Hertfordshire and beyond at a community planting event in the Heartwood Forest on Saturday. Peter joined 200 members of a Muslim group drawing members from Hitchin, Luton and as far afield as south London, as well as a Beaver Troop from St Alban’s, young people working towards Duke of Edinburgh awards and many others to plant 10,000 trees in the Heartwood Forest near Sandridge. This was part of the Woodland Trust’s ambitious plans to create England’s largest new native forest, comprising 600,000 trees over 858 acres, all planted by volunteers.

    “It is wonderful to see so many people of all ages and communities, coming together to support this extremely worthwhile project,” said Peter Lilley. “I was particularly pleased to welcome the Muslim volunteers many of whom had come from far afield to demonstrate their commitment to this country and determination to play a positive part in sustaining our common heritage.”

    “The Heartwood Forest will not only provide one of the most attractive and interesting areas of British countryside, but also a strong guarantee that the Green Belt in this area will not be concreted over. I am very pleased to have played my part in protecting the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.”